Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Days!! We took to the hills! Sunset Hills that is and kicked off AFK Outdoors with a big breath of fresh air!!

Howdy All:

Max, Kelsi, Danielle, Marysa, Amanda, Mia, Maggie and Erika
Yesterday made me SO proud!  What I have been seeing inside my head for many years is really happening on so many different levels I am dizzy with belief.

All I can say is don't ever let anyone tell you something can't be done or try to squash your visions because you can't make them understand what you are trying to accomplish with all of what you are doing OR because the path you choose is not the life they see for you. This is your life, so live it.

I am here to remind you first hand: if you can see something you want to do in your mind's eye, you can make it real.  No matter what the odds are. All of what we are doing at HKT is proof positive.

An outdoor fitness program has been something on the shelves for a few years now and yesterday it became a reality.  The kickoff of A FIT KID Outdoors was perfect;  we really could not have asked for more. The weather was beautiful and Sunset Hills Community Center and the park and trails behind it can't be beat.  Add to this great backdrop an outstanding cast of talent and ready and willing participants and you have success!! AFK Outdoors is led by Marysa Warnhoff, a certified Exercise Physiologist and practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Our Mentor Crew is a lively bunch of scholars from Saint Louis University's Program in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training and Washington University's Program in Physical Therapy. Our star pupils hail from private and public schools in St.Louis County and got great workouts--we all did actually.  Me too...and I am a middle aged mom from St. Louis County and think I need this program more than anybody.  I have about 30 lbs to go...I can see my old self in my mind's eye...

Let's go Team! Thank you SO much!! Keep up the GREAT work Everyone!!!


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