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Helping Kids Together (HKT) was established to raise social awareness about inclusion & diversity among young people through the arts, culture and active living.

Through our activities we demonstrate the importance of teamwork and help kids together by partnering with individuals and businesses who align with our real life approach of helping kids develop into active and productive adults ready for the world.

We are NOT a charity or a non profit.  Helping Kids Together is the foundation of Atypical, LLC, a social enterprise organized for the purpose of doing good a little differently while uniting people for a common cause. Helping kid ease into society remains the cause.  We use art, culture and active living as the primary backdrop for everything we do because positive change happens when people are having fun.

By incorporating our philosophy of "Leading by example, learning by doing. " we commit ourselves to progression as individuals and working components of society. Operating this way we seek to demonstrate a respect for the process of making art--and life--happen.

It's a big world and we all have something to contribute; by living this commitment we cultivate a lifelong path of independent development rich with altruism, empathy and the celebration of differences in others.

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